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About Exposed Aggregate Concretes



We are committed to integrity and cost-effectiveness

The company has been supplying and laying exposed aggregate concrete driveways since 1994. Our company has evolved into a comprehensive concrete design contractor with the capacity to complete projects of all sizes within commercial, industrial, municipal and residential construction. The company’s team of experts provides cost-effective solutions for certain projects for property owners, facility managers, consulting engineers, and developers. Australian Area and its surrounding areas have become part of our coverage over the years. A skilled workforce and a fleet of company-owned vehicles and equipment sustain our company’s success as a concrete industry leader. As the project progresses, our Team is always available to discuss current and best practices with clients.

Exposed aggregate concretes is a mixture of different decorative aggregate materials that can be chosen  for their aesthetic appeal.these include shells crushed stones,sands and pebbles and offer a brilliant contrast to flat standard concrete.
To achieve these specific finishes we employ regular concreting methods with one main difference. A special surface retarder is sprayed on top of the mixture – this allows the concrete under the surface to harden while the top layer remains loose. the following day,exposed aggregate is pressure washed away. exposing the aggregates and then allowing for the saw cut and sealing process.
This method is perfect for exposed aggregate concrete driveways,pathways BBQ areas,surface that provides much more grip and longevity than standard finishes.